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The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) all the time welcomes cloud service providers to offer their services through different channels to government bureaux/departments for acquisition.  In May 2012, succeeded by a Request for Information (RFI) exercise conducted in February 2012, OGCIO first introduced a listing arrangement for the Government Public Cloud Services (GPCS) for three years with a list of 40 GPCS providers and over 300 services to be offered.  This procurement arrangement provides ample opportunities to cloud service providers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to participate in government procurement activities more conveniently.  Coupled with a standard set of terms and conditions initially agreed by individual GPCS Providers as the basis to establish subsequent service contracts, procuring bureaux/departments (B/Ds) can easily refer to the list to issue their requests for quotations and place orders according to the prevailing government procurement procedures.


To cope with the fast changing world of cloud computing, potential GPCS Providers are allowed to submit requests at any time for inclusion into the GPCS suppliers list now.


Currently, GPCS Providers can provide the government with their public cloud services on subscription basis covering four service categories, namely


(a)    Productivity Applications with “Office Tools and Suites”, “Document and Content Management” and “Collaboration, Meetings, Conferencing” as mandatory items;

(b)    Business Applications with “E-Mail” as a mandatory item;

(c)    Cloud IT Services with “Backup and Restore” as a mandatory item; and

(d)    Social Media Applications with “Photo Hosting/Sharing” and “Video Hosting/Sharing” as mandatory items.


How to Become a Government Public Cloud Services Providers


For those interested cloud service providers who have at least one year of cloud service experience can apply for inclusion in the list by completing the following forms:


  1. “Request for inclusion” indicating their agreements: (i) to comply with the standard set of Terms and Conditions (Appendix B); and (ii) to release the service and reference prices to all B/Ds for internal reference; and
  2. “Appendix E” with supporting and/or published materials showing their services to be offered together with the reference prices, etc. and demonstrating how requirements as listed in Sections 1.1 and 2.1 of Appendix C can be achieved.


Forms to be submitted / Relevant information Document
  1. Request for Inclusion
Download Download
  1. Appendix A – Current Scope of GPCS and Related Services
  1. Appendix B – Standard Terms and Conditions
  1. Appendix C – General Requirements, Security Requirements, Manpower Requirements and Technical Requirements
  1. Appendix D – Regulating and Monitoring Mechanism for the Procurement of GPCS
  1. Appendix E - Schedules
Download Download


Normally, an applicant can submit application for being enlisted in any service category for the provision of any mandatory item, and its application will be assessed on the basis of individual mandatory item.


Application for inclusion in the GPCS supplier lists is free of charge.  Application can be submitted to (with one hardcopy and one softcopy):


Systems Manager (Governance & Resources)43

GPCS Administrative Team


6/F North Point Government Offices

333 Java Road

North Point

Hong Kong


Applications received will be processed by OGCIO.  Subject to confirmation of their credentials, those service providers that are found acceptable will be included in the GPCS Supplier Lists and notified by email.  A simple regulating and monitoring mechanism is in place for the provision of GPCS.  Service providers shall provide us with relevant statistics on their purchase orders received from the Government.  Based on the statistics, B/Ds will report service provider’s performance to us periodically and on a need basis.  If a service provider or its particular service cannot meet the expected quality requirements, we will consider delisting the relevant service or even the service provider.  Details are included in Appendix D.


If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us by email <>.


What is the Current List of GPCS Providers?

(Last update date: 2022/07/18)


Supplier Service Items
Accenture Company Limited PDF Download
Alibaba Cloud (Singapore) Private Limited PDF Download
Apptask Ltd. PDF Download
Arcotect Limited PDF Download
ASF Consultancy Limited PDF Download
Automated Systems (HK) Ltd. PDF Download
Azeus Systems Limited PDF Download
Capax Technology Limited PDF Download
Cherrypicks Limited PDF Download
China Comservice (Hong Kong) Limited PDF Download
CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited PDF Download
ClusterTech Limited PDF Download
Continuous Technologies International Limited PDF Download
Designercity (HK) Ltd. PDF Download
Dimension Data China/Hong Kong Limited PDF Download Limited PDF Download
eCloudvalley Technology (HK) Limited PDF Download
Electronic Business Solutions Limited PDF Download
EmployeeConnect (Greater China) Limited PDF Download
Expert Systems Limited PDF Download
Global Technology Integrator Ltd. PDF Download
Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Limited PDF Download
HGC Global Communications Limited PDF Download
HKBN Enterprise Solutions Cloud Services Limited PDF Download
HKBN Enterprise Solutions Limited PDF Download
HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited PDF Download
HKBN JOS Limited PDF Download
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Ltd. PDF Download
Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co., Limited PDF Download
IBM China/Hong Kong Limited PDF Download
KBCloud Technologies Limited PDF Download
KBQuest Hong Kong Limited PDF Download
Kinetix Systems Limited PDF Download
Layerstack Limited PDF Download
Master Concept (Hong Kong) Limited PDF Download
Masterson Technology Limited PDF Download
Media Digital Technologies Corporation Limited PDF Download
Microware Limited PDF Download
NEC Hong Kong Ltd. PDF Download
NetSoft Limited PDF Download
Nexify Limited PDF Download
Nextlink (HK) Technology Co., Limited PDF Download
NTT Com Asia Limited PDF Download
Oneasia Network Limited PDF Download
OPM Systems Company Limited PDF Download
Orange Business Services Hong Kong Limited PDF Download
PCCW Solutions Ltd PDF Download
Portalvision Limited PDF Download
ReadySpace Limited PDF Download
Ricoh Hong Kong Ltd PDF Download
Speedy Group Corporation Limited PDF Download
SunnyVision Limited PDF Download
Superhub Limited PDF Download
Synnex Technology International (HK) Ltd PDF Download
Systems Information Technology (HK) Ltd. PDF Download
Telecommunications and Technology Asia Limited PDF Download
UDomain Web Hosting Company Limited PDF Download
Verizon Hong Kong Limited PDF Download
Wai On Services Limited PDF Download

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