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Security Concerns of Cloud Service Consumers


Many people are wary of using cloud services because of concerns about service outages, data loss, privacy issues, hacker compromising their access accounts, and compliance with legislation. For IT savvy enterprises, they are likely to have skills and resources to monitor the service level of their service provider, assess the service provider’s security compliance, or implement their own additional security safeguards to protect their data.


On the other hand, for average cloud service consumers and SMEs, they may overlook their own rights and responsibilities, be confused about how to choose a cloud service provider that is trustworthy, and hesitant on whether their data has sufficient protection when using a cloud service.


What Cloud Service Consumers Should Be Aware Of?


Data processed or stored by cloud service consumers in a cloud service may contain valuable, sensitive and personal information. Knowing only the security measures applied by the cloud service provider is not sufficient to protect this data. For SMEs, they need to know what needs to be considered when selecting a cloud service provider, as well as what needs to be considered when using cloud services. All cloud service consumers, both responsible parties of businesses and individuals, are advised to have an in-depth understanding of the issues and concerns for protecting their data in the cloud environment.


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