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For cloud computing to deliver the anticipated benefits, it must be easy to use and cost-efficient. This means that enterprises and individuals must be able to use cloud products and services as far as possible "off the shelf". The products and services should work together, and minimal effort should be needed to incorporate them into a userfs systems. It should be possible to write any user-specific software that may be required so that it is based on commonly available components that can easily be sourced from multiple suppliers. 
Portability and interoperability standards enable the development of such products and services, and of user-specific software that works with them. The availability of these products and services in a free market will stimulate the growth of cloud computing and of businesses that use it. 
The following set of slides is contributed by Dr. Thomas LEE, member of the Working Group on Cloud Computing Interoperability Standards, based on the "Open Group Guide to Cloud Computing Portability and Interoperability". It outlines the major portability and interoperability issues that arise when cloud computing is used. It also includes recommendations to customers on how best to achieve portability and interoperability when working with current cloud products and services, and it makes recommendations to suppliers and standards bodies on how standards and best practice should evolve to enable greater portability and interoperability in future.





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